Weed Control

When putting your home gardens to bed for the winter it's a good time to go out and spray any broad leaf weeds that you might find in your flowerbeds and your lawns or in your garden fall is a really good time to spray these weeds especially our perennial weeds that are hard to kill because they're getting ready for dormancy and if we spray them in winter.

The chemical moves down to the taproot so if we kill that root we kill the plant and keep those weeds from coming back into our yard and garden next year for a lawn you want to use a broad leaf weed killer that's not going to kill the grass in your flowerbeds and other garden areas you might use a different product but regardless you do want to choose a product that's going to work well you also want to be careful not to spray if it's too windy outside and you want to be careful to keep your herbicides away from any trees shrubs flowers and vegetables that maybe are still growing this time of the year but always read and follow the herbicide label to keep yourself protected and to make sure that you're mixing handling and applying that product properly.

Many gardeners talk about how they love fall because it's the time of year when they get to quit pulling weeds out of their yard and of course this is true however it's also a great time of year to start thinking about controlling weeds for next year if we have biennial and perennial weeds in our yard it's a great time to use chemical after the first frost of the years those plants are trying to take nutrients from their leaves and put them into the roots if we get a little bit of chemical on at that time it'll actually take the chemical down into their roots and kill the plant here we have a yard that's a new lawn and we can see the annual weeds that of course we could just mow out but we also have some perennial weeds.

When using chemical we want to make sure that we've mixed the spray correctly calibrated the sprayer and we're using the correct protective equipment that's on the label for that particular chemical so remember of course Falls is a good time to relax a little bit not has much work in the yard but it's also a great time to start controlling weeds for next year.

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